Frequently Asked Questions


Do you offer couples massages?

Yes, there is a couples massage option, but it takes just a bit of planning.  I occasionally work with another LMT in my building for couples massages but we do ask for ample time to check our schedules to make certain we are both available  for your desired date and time.  She also owns her own massage therapy business so she would be paid directly for her portion of the session.  The layout of the spa does not allow for side by side tables during your session but we do have the option of leaving the adjoining door between the spa suites open for you.

Can you accommodate large groups?

Unfortunately, no, I cannot accommodate large groups.  I am a solo operated business so I cannot do simultaneous services, only back to back appointments.  I am able to take 2-3 guests for back to back appointments as long as the others in the party do not mind waiting for their appointment time.

Why does no one answer the phone when I call?

I am a one woman show as of right now.  I am unable to answer the phone when I am in session so please leave a voicemail, send me a text or email me if you need a call back or speak with me directly and I promise I will return your message as soon as I am able. Missed calls with no message will not receive a call back.  if you are calling to make an appointment, please refer to the online booking system located under "Spa Treatments" on this website to schedule an appointment.

I tried to schedule online but nothing was available. Can you fit me in?

Please understand that I am only human and I do have a family that I enjoy spending time with and can not be at work 24/7.  If my schedule is fully booked online, I am unable to fit any other appointments in.  I am happy to add you to my wait list as cancellations always happen and I may be able to call you for a last minute opening.

What exactly is the function of a rubber duck?

I'll leave this one up to you.